Cleaning Up From a Flood

Every year, different regions in the United States are hit by floods. This is as a result of torrential rains brought about by storms. It may take several days before the floodwaters subside. Even before this happens, there is a lot of danger within the submerged areas. The water brings with it silt and debris. Once the water levels have gone down completely, it is time for you to clean up. Some people may be at a loss on how to go about the cleanup process. Here are some tips to help you out.

Be safe

It is not wise to dive into the cleanup operation without ascertaining that you are safe. Flood water can be contaminated by raw sewage, industrial waste, soil and other debris. Acting on this knowledge you should first arm yourself with gloves, face masks, safety gloves, clean water and soap.

Switch off power supply

Soon as you suspect that flood water is coming in, you should first switch off power at the mains. Raise a call to the power utility company seeking to have your line disconnected at the pole or from the main grid. Never step into the flood water without an assurance that there are no live wires in contact with the water. Otherwise, you stand the risk of being electrocuted.

Remove clothing items

Gather all clothes and linen and put them into containers. Plastic bags are ideal for this purpose. The clothes should later be washed thoroughly. This is to make them clean and also to sanitize them. Use detergent as well as liquid sanitizer. Remember to collect the shoes too. Clean and leave them out to dry. Once everything has dried up, you can begin the process of determining what can be salvaged and what cannot.

Remove furniture, carpets and electronics

Depending on the intensity of the floods, damage to household items may be intense or manageable. Once electronics such as television sets, stereos and computers soak in water, salvaging them is almost impossible. You might have to dump them. All the same, get them out of the flooded rooms together with the furniture. Pack your cutlery in plastic bags and place them outside as well.

Get rid of the water

If you have a water pump, use it to suck the water away and direct it to a drain pipe. In case you do not own such a pump, buckets will do. Collect the water into one or several pails and empty the dirty water into a drain pipe. Use a rug or mop, dip it into the water and wring it out into the bucket. Keep doing this until there is no more water on the floor.

If you find the task to be overwhelming, seek assistance from flood cleanup in Boston, MA, crews.