How And Why You Should Protect Yourself Against Insects

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Have you ever found yourself enjoying a nice warm day outside when you suddenly begin to itch? The culprit of your itching comes from mosquitoes landing on your skin and drawing blood from the surface. Mosquitoes are often overlooked because of their small size in comparison to their human counterparts. However, mosquitoes are ranked as the deadliest pests on the planet today and are largely responsible for some of the outbreaks and diseases we deal with regularly.
Mosquitoes are responsible for carrying and transferring life-threatening ailments such as Malaria, Yellow Fever, West Nile, and other deadly strains. It is essential that all individuals use some form of mosquito protection should they find themselves outdoors. This can applied in the form of lotions and creams that negate the chance of mosquitoes landing on you. Or, as another tactic, you can have experts spray your property. The all-natural chemicals contained within the treatment will thwart off mosquitoes and prevent them from infiltrating your home and yard.

As a precaution, try and eliminate open water areas within your household or on your property. Mosquitoes are only capable of reproducing in areas that contain water; making places like ponds and dirty swimming pools a hot bed for mosquito activity. By eliminating these sources, you reduce your risk of mosquito infestation and lower your chance of contracting a disease.


Ticks, much like mosquitoes, are a pest that always seems to fly under the radar in the grand scheme of things. We often associate ticks with our pets and animals – never thinking of ourselves. The first line of protection that you can use against ticks is by giving your pets fur treatments should they go outside on a frequent basis.

Ticks are largely found on the surface of dogs rather than cats according to pest statistics. One of the most common ticks that you may find within your household is the Brown tick. These Arachnids are distantly related to spiders and scorpions with a reputation of spreading disease to their host. Ticks can easily spread health related problems such as Lyme disease to the person or animal they latch onto. The tick acts as a host for these diseases by feeding off the blood contained within the host that they come in contact with.

The best way to eliminate these critters from your life is by treating the land you interact with most. Although ticks can be found indoors, they’re often hiding in tall grass and wooded areas looking for a host. When removing a Tick, always be cautious of touching the Arachnid with your hands. Instead, use tools such as tweezers when removing the Tick.

Simple Ways to Control Pests

Are pets invading your home? When it comes to pest problems, it is important to learn how to control them before they cause a world of hurt to your home. Hiring a pest company is a great way to eliminate the problems you are currently having, and to prevent additional issues. However, there are some simple things homeowners can do to stay on top of their pest problems:

  • Clean the home frequently. Ants, spiders, mice, and just about any pest you can think of will be attracted to the food crumbs on the kitchen floor. If you don’t keep your home clean, it’s easy to see an increase with pest problems. It is important to clean up the home frequently, especially when you are dealing with food items. You need to limit the problems with sticky and sugary foods getting on the floor, causing an instant attraction to pests. Plan on mopping the floors weekly, or twice a week if you have a lot of people living in the home.
  • Remove the trash from the home often. If you are tossing wasted food into the trash cans, take it to the garbage that night instead of allowing it to sit in your home. Trash will attract rodents and many other pests. Even fruit flies are attracted to trash, and they can be frustrating to deal with.
  • Seal up any entry points to your home. Look for gaps between windows and doors. Consider adding new weather-stripping to the windows and doors to seal out the bugs and pests from getting into your home.
  • Clean the dishes daily, never leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight. If you end up with dirty dishes in the sink, they will cause you a lot of problems. Pests are attracted to them, and it doesn’t take long before you end up with an infestation due to a simple cleaning problem.
  • Seal up any food that you have out in your home. Cereal should be kept in airtight containers, as should other foods. Make sure you don’t leave food out in easy areas. While you might think containing food in a pantry will work, it doesn’t do much to keep mice out. You need to think about keeping a tight lid on all your foods if you want to keep the pests away.
  • Avoid keeping the trash right next to your home. It is also helpful to avoid stacking wood next to the home. These things are calling cards to a number of pests, and it won’t take long for them to get inside your garage or into your home.

For additional pest control ideas and options visit the following link, Hiring the right team of experts to manage your pest problem will go a long way in reducing your problems with pests.

What To Do When You Need Pest Control In Twin Falls ID

Pest Control Twin Falls ID is not something to be overlooked. Anytime you have signs of pests it is time to get the situation under control quickly. A pest problem that is left unhanded will spring out of control and cause much damage. There is a pest for every season and regardless of what time of the year it is, you are subject to having one or more pests that need to be eliminated.

There are many forms of pests in the Twin Falls area that can cause untold amounts of damage. Mice and rats are one example. These pesky critters will eat just about anything. They will make a mess and continue to bread at a rapid pace.

Another pest that you want to watch out for are termites. Once you get these pests in your home they will eat anything wood which causes damage to floors, roofs and structure beams. Termites are nothing to fool around with. They can demolish a house from the inside out and the outside in. If they have their way the termites and the carpenter ants will have a feast at your expense.

Wasps are another form of pest that can cause damage to trees, shrubs and your home. These wasps will build nests in the weirdest places and once they get started they won’t quit until you call in the pest control experts.

One other pest that is worth an honorable mention is the Cimex lectularius. This is commonly known as the bed bug. These guys can go unnoticed for a long time and cause you to itch and scratch. These can invade even the most cleanest of beds and homes.

Keep in mind that many of these pests can invade your home and even your business structures. It is for this reason that it is best to call in the pest control on a regular basis and let them take some proactive measures to make sure that you are protected.

Because of the way these pests breed there is often a need for the pest control staff to revisit you and do more pest control. This is a normal part of the process. It is important to get the living pests and their eggs. It is often hard to catch them and kill them all in one shot. So the pest control experts will come back and make sure they get the whole breeding cycle. This helps to eliminate the pests once and for all with ease.

Once you get rid of any of the pests that you have you can do a regular maintenance to make sure that you stay pest free. Ask your pest expert for a detailed plan and they will be happy to tell you what needs to be done.