Outdoor Kitchen Designs and Ideas

outdoor kitchenAn outdoor kitchen is a great way to enjoy the art of cooking while admiring your beautiful, landscape. It can turn your backyard into a personal retreat and expand your option of cooking environments. It’s a great way to entertain without the monotony of a stand alone grill, and it can be built on flat levels or on an outdoor deck for an exotic get-a-way feel. An outdoor deck kitchen heightens the act of cooking with its convenience, elevated outdoor views, the intimacy of deck railings, and landscape options such a bridge to the patio with a pond and stream underneath. A reliable deck company can create exciting deck additions according to your cooking needs.

Hillside Retreat

Create a beautiful, hillside scenery with the addition of a stucco, cypress, and stone finished outdoor deck kitchen area overlooking a lake, ocean, or river scenery with thriving sail boats. Complete the look with a gourmet kitchen and intimate dining area, complete with a bistro table for two. This is especially great for vacation homes, private retreats, and yoga studios where relaxation is key.

Swim-Up Bar and Kitchen

An outdoor deck kitchen constructed next to the pool area provides the perfect opportunity for guests to swim up and order a drink and hot dog at the outdoor kitchen area while enjoying the pool. Wood pillars and a pergola adds to your deck kitchen’s cozy feel.

Wine Country

A cozy, deck kitchen nook located on your outdoor deck provides the perfect backdrop for a perfect afternoon lunch. Add a few ceiling fans, a bottle of house wine, and a grilled gourmet meal for a refreshing air, reminiscent of a breezy outdoor lunch at a vineyard.

Cozy, Street Riverfront

A covered outdoor deck kitchen, overlooking a spectacular view of the river, provides a cozy riverfront view. Equip this outdoor kitchen with a fireplace and a relaxing living room area for an especially comforting, street riverfront view.

Private Mediterranean Style Deck Kitchen

Create the perfect, Mediterranean outdoor deck kitchen with a covered deck and old world chandelier lighting. Mediterranean colors, marbled stone, tile floors, and kitchen ends lined in porcelain tile creates an authentic feel. A corner bar equipped with all the right accessories transforms this space into another land.

High Park Semi

Create this look with an outdoor cedar deck kitchen and nice outdoor lighting. A planter in the middle of the deck serves as an elegant room divider, while an outdoor fish tank, lighting plants, and fence deck lighting, creates a sophisticated ambiance.

Constructing an outdoor kitchen for your deck is an exciting investment. It adds value to your home and creates a great outdoor living space. A properly designed outdoor kitchen, makes all the difference between a great addition and a home improvement mishap. So, do your research.