Restore A Patio To New With Ease

deck1208Having a wooden deck on a home is the perfect way to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, a relaxing evening under the stars, or a barbeque dinner. Even though homeowners usually only enjoy this outside space during the best of weather, the deck is in the elements every moment of the day, which eventually take their toll on the deck’s exposed materials. A reputable deck cleaning and staining company will take care of restoring the deck or you can attempt it yourself with the following easy to understand steps and tips.

It is important to check the deck over for rotten or loose board and other safety or structural issues. Replace boards and loose railings with new pre-treated lumber. Pound in loose nails and tighten screws on the deck where loose. Sand boards that are rough or have become a splinter danger. It is then important to clean completely all of the surfaces.

Find a cleaner that is eco-friendly and effective. Many professional deck-cleaning companies use materials and chemicals that are green and safe for family and pets. Prep the area by spraying with regular water from a garden hose. This will open the pores of the wood for it to accept the cleaners. Power-washers often damage the wood from the excessive power of the jet. A hand held sprayer is sufficient for applying the cleaner.

Mix a concoction of water and biodegradable wood cleaner at a one-to-one ratio. Spray the entire deck and wait ten minutes. Scrub the surface of the deck with a stiff-bristled brush, removing as much soil as possible. Completely rinse the dirt and cleaner off the deck with a garden hose. Much of this dirt is algae and owners need to treat the deck for this damaging element.

Algae Treatment
A borate mixture will protect the wood from rot and keep the algae from returning. Mix the borate and water at a ratio of five parts water to one part of borate. Mix in a separate container than the sprayer to combine thoroughly. Pour into sprayer and spray entire deck. Do not rinse off. Wait two or three days until the deck completely dries out.

Apply Stain
Mix one gallon of desired oil-based deck stain with a half a pint of exterior varnish. Using a sponge mop, apply an even coat of this mixture to the deck. Let this application dry and repeat the process. At the start of the following year, it may be necessary to apply another sealing coat to the deck.

A beautiful deck is a great addition to the beauty, functionality, and value of a home. Whether homeowners or professionals take on the challenge, a well-stained deck makes spending time outside a pure joy.